Welcome to The Sharp End! Our goal is to provide an occasional update on practicing emergency medicine here in New Zealand. Since the ED is such a central multidisciplinary hub of acute care activity, we want to welcome all our colleagues to read and comment on “The Sharp End”.

We are going to share our ramblings on recent literature, conferences, podcasts, blogs, and other stuff that we can “pinch”* and give it back to you to use while you’re in the ED. (*of course anything we “pinch” we will give credit to)

Our main source of information is our monthly newsletter, though, as you are here, you see we have a blog and a Facebook page….we want to give you an interactive 3D full-sensory experience that will have you both understanding the confidence intervals and smelling the emesis around each of the papers. There are embedded links in the emailed newsletter copy (if you want to be on the mailing list, email us), and we can email you entire papers as well if interested.

We hope this “newsletter” will generate discussion and we look forward to hearing from  everyone involved in the ED. Our contact information is on the bottom and we would love to hear from you. We will be posting interesting viewpoints and discussion about previous  and future issues on the back of upcoming newsletters.  So for now, sit back with a cup of coffee (or beer if you have just finished your shift), and ENJOY- Chip & Andy