Incrementalized Practical Emergency Airway Management


Risky Business

Conference Room 1

Copthorne Hotel


November 20th


By Rich Levitan and Andrew Brainard

We only have 6 hours to do lecture, practical, and discussion. Please take as much time as possible to review the below topics. the links below provide information that generally agrees with the curriculum for the workshop. 


Airway Anatomy

Oxygenation & Physiology

Resuscitation Sequence Intubation

Epiglottoscopy, Laryngoscopy, and Tube Passage

SGA and other Plan Bs

Surgical Airways

FibreOptics and Awake Intubation

Practical Sessions

Prep, Briefings, and Checklists

Positioning, Oxygenation & BVM

Pharmacology – RSI & Beyond

Video Laryngoscopy

SupraGlottic Airways

Nasal Endoscopes

Surgical Airways

Case Discussions

Difficult Cases- Faculty

Difficult Cases- Learners

For more information, go to Airwaycam and the Essential Emergency Airway Care Course