Welcome to the NZEMN-ANZEDAR Airway Registry.

Here are the data COLLECTION and the data ENTRY forms for the New Zealand Emergency Medicine Network-Australian New Zealand Emergency Department Airway Registry.

These "New Zealand" versions are slightly different than that the Australian versions to more clearly capture some slight differences in practice between the two islands. 

After you have collected and entered a months worth of data, please make sure that you have removed ALL identifying characteristics from the dataset and email them both to me @ NZEMNAirway@gmail.com and Toby at http://www.ecinsw.com.au/node/366

Below are some resources that may help your site become a member of the New Zealand Emergency Medicine Network Airway Registry: 

Research protocol from Middlemore Hospital

Brief Abstracted Review of ED Airway Registries in the 21st Century

Review of Other ED Airway Registry First Pass Success Rates in the 21st Century

Here are two abstracts presented at the Society of Airway Management meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA in Sept 2014

An ED Airway Registry is a Feasible and Useful Portion of an ED Quality Improvement Project

INSTITUTIONAL, ETHICS, and MAORI approval documents:

CMDHB- Institutional Approval for NZEMN-ANZEDAR

HDEC- Ethics response for NZEMN-ANZEDAR- Out of scope (no approval required)

CMDHB- Maori response to NZEMN-ANZEDAR- (no approval required)

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions: NZEMNAirway@gmail.com