Getting ready for the SMACC airway workshop...

Less than 10 weeks until SMACC Chicago starts. 


Oddly enough, I somehow got suckered into organizing the SMACC Chicago airway workshop.

That means that I get first dibs on sopping up all the knowledge from luminaries like RIchard Levitan, Scott Weingart, James DuCanto, Anthony Lewis, Richard Lewis, Nicholas Chrimes, Georgina Harris, Steve Mathieu, Andy Sloas, Matthew Clarke, Tim Leewenberg, Reuben Strayer, and many more.

We will be taking our 80 lucky participants through 4 stations which will be even bigger, better, faster and harder than last year.

Great stuff with on cricothyrotomy, nasal endoscopy, laryngoscopy and superglottic airways, and airway simulation. Hands-on expert coaching, tons of gear, and lots of goodtimes with the plastic models. 

I'm sure next year it will sell out even quicker.

If anyone wants to "brush up," feel free to browse through the EEACC for a refresher.