Are you ready to help with SMACC Airway?

If you're coming to SMACC US Airway workshop, you can help us make it even better.

Tell us about yourself. 

We got 4 stations (Cricothyrotomy, Laryngoscopy and Supraglottic Airways, Nasal Endoscopy, ad Airway Simulation) for 50 minutes each.

We a trying to do nearly ALL hands-on with MINIMAL lecture

In addition to helping us out by doing a -little- studying, if you could take 2 minutes ot fill out our little survey monkey, we will be able to tailor the course to your specific needs.

For those in need of a quick refresher, go to:

If anyone wants a little more detail, we have a fully "flipped" online airway course at 

See you Tuesday. Email if you have any questions. 

Andrew Brainard, MD, MPH, FACEM, FACEP
Auckland, New Zealand