Levitan Yellowstone-Teton Advanced Airway Course this June 2015

If anyone is interested in traveling to Yellowstone this coming June 16th-19th, there will be a great airway course organized by Dr Levitan that will cover most of the same topics. 


The Yellowstone-Teton Advanced Airway Course will be the week before SMACC (which is in Chicago June 23-26rd), so if you are willing to travel to Chicago, a stop-off in Yellowstone is a pretty good way to go. 


Here are the links to:




From Richard Levitan, Minh Le Cong, James Ducanto, Andrew Brainard, Andrew Sloas, Reuben Strayer, Chris Nickson



From Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, Casey Parker, James Rippey


SMACC (June 23-26th) 


PS: I will also be helping with a half-day airway lab during SMACC. It should be good, but the one in Yellowstone will be prettier and even more informative. 

Adrenaline Rush!!! Does early adrenaline make a difference?

Adrenaline Rush!!!  Does early adrenaline make a difference?

We all know that IV adrenaline (along with CPR) is standard of care for patients in cardiac arrest with non-shockable rhythms. But… did you know there really hasn't been any well controlled trials to see if it really makes a difference in endpoints such as improved survival and neurologically intact survival outcomes?  M.W. Donnino and his team in Boston have just published a study that shows it just might.

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So doc... Just how long will their concussion last?

So doc... Just how long will their concussion last?

This is a common question from concerned parents, yet we don't have a really good answer just how long  post- concussive symptoms last in kiddos.  Well Matthew  Eisenberg and friends at Boston Children's attempted to shine some light on this. They conducted a secondary analysis of a prospective cohort study of patients 11 to 22 (mean of 14) years old presenting to the ED with an acute concussion.

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