- SMACC- Airway is back. We continue to have some of the best airway education anywhere.

Berlin, Germany, KARL STORZ Visitor and Training Center Berlin

June 26th, 0800-1600 

Four airway stations giving you the best information and practice available anywhere.

It should be hands-on, practical, and high-intensity- Study BEFORE arriving for best results.

This will be your best chance to do cricothyrotomies, hone your laryngoscopy skills, perfect your supraglottic airway use, experience some nasal endoscopy, and then put it all together with some airway simulation.

We are trying to keep the "lectures" to a minimum and the expert "coaching" to a maximum, so help us out and try and come prepared to practice.   


Our four stations are:


Please help us and fill out the pre-test survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SmaccDubPreAirway2016


    Thanks, Andrew Brainard

PS: If these tasters aren't enough, feel free to brush up your airway knowledge with our Essentials of Emergency Airway Care Course