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Here is lecture # 2. All about preoxygenation in the ED. This covers the basics of suction, some important tips on how to use a BVM, and some additional techniques on how to preoxygenate and position our patients. Most people who learned their airway care on stable elective surgery patients never had to learn these techniques, but they are essential for many of our hypoxic ED patients.   

Pretest # 2: Oxygenation and BVM

  • What are the indications for a SupraGlottic Airway (SGAs) like the LMA or AirQ?
  • What does the mnemonic RODS mean in predicting difficulty using a LMA/SGA?
  • Describe the technical steps for inserting a SGA
  • What can you do if you are getting a poor seal an LMA or to aid the passage of an ETT through an I-LMA?
  • Describe how to use an Intubating LMA        

Here is the best 11 minute video on how to ventilate by Reuben Strayer of EMUPDATES fame. (https://vimeo.com/34883844)

FULLTEXT link to the most important ED Airway paper in the last 10 years.

Here is a little EmCrit update on Preoxygenation: http://emcrit.org/wee/preoxygenation-update/

Life in the Fast Lane- Own the Oxygen

Here is short example of an intubation using nasal oxygen by a great little talk on Airway Checklist during SMACC Gold by Tim Leeuwenburg. (http://kidocs.org/2014/03/real-airway-doctors-use-checklists/)

EMCrit on preoxygenation:



by Rich Levitan, MD on December 9, 201



Auckland Regional Airway Checklist


Here are some "advanced" and somewhat controversial topics for pre-oxygenation.


Delayed Sequence Intubation:


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