The art of the blade. Here is a short talk on the when and how of the simple scalpel-bougie-tube cricothyrotomy. Their is a long history of debate about the value to needle crics and multiple good methods to use the knife, but we are just teaching this simple technique. Good luck. 

Here are this modules pretest questions: 

  • When should an emergency cricothyrotomy be performed? 
  • Describe the SHORT mnemonic for predicting the difficult surgical airway.
  • Describe the needed equipment, where it is located in the ED.
  • Describe how to identify the anatomic landmarks for a cric.
  •  Describe/draw the “Laryngeal Handshake.”
  • Describe/draw a technique of an emergent cricothyrotomy?

 ---for full clarity: click through to watch in Vimeo

The Emergency Department Double Setup

October 25th, 2012 
by reuben in airway


EM Updates Here is a great description of the "double setup


Tips and Tricks for Performing Cricothyrotomy

By Richard M. Levitan, MD, FACEP | on February 6, 2014 |

ACEP now on 1/05/14)


How to Make the Incision, Insert the Tube in Cricothyrotomy

By Richard M. Levitan, MD, FACEP | on April 11, 2014 |

ACEP Now (Accessed on 1/05/14)


Darren Braude, EMrap TV, Bougie guided cric:  (accessed on 23/06/2014)

Here is a little summary that reviews most of the best practices around airway management and then discusses some cric philosophy: 

Here is a video from Minh Le Cong and PHARM- PreHospital And Retrieval Medicine- Video of an actual cric: on 05/06/2014)

The Melker Emergency Cricothyrotomy Catheter Tray:

Here is EmCrits's Most recent lecture on the Emergent Surgical Airway:

EMCrit- Podcast 119 – Rich Levitan on the Surgical Airway

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