Issue 1 - July 2011

The difficult airway – what‟s your plan

IV Diltiazem vs Amiodorone vs digoxin for A-fib rate control

ECGs in Syncope

A bronchiolitis predictor rule for admissions?

Using adrenalin on fingers, toes, penis and nose.....


Treating Non-Urgent HTN

UGIB and antibiotics

Trapping patients with anxiety disorders in underwater elevators

IO's- are they used enough?

Bicarb drips and push- dose pressors 

PCI v. lyitcs - WWDD

Thrombolytics for sub-massive PE

Fever in a Heme Team patient

EM v. Ortho in fracture diagnosis – place your bets here

Dont pass that joint 


Preventing falls (2nd Law of the House of God)

OB Update -Birthing snakes

Cramming it I-Joints, lignocaine and meat pies

Just the Tip: Tox Tip Avoiding spontaneous ignition

Crit Care Tip Oh yeah, The Dilt Dose